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4D Miner is a 4-dimensional survival sandbox game that allows players to explore an infinite, randomly-generated, 4-dimensional world.

It bears some resemblance to other first-person sandbox games, but its in-game worlds are not simply made up of 3D cubes. 4D Miner's worlds have four spatial dimensions, and as a result, they are primarily made up of 4-dimensional hypercubes.

The real universe has only three spatial dimensions, but a universe with four spatial dimensions can be simulated by computers. Since humans can only directly experience three spatial dimensions at a time, the game allows the player to explore and interact with a 3-dimensional slice of its 4-dimensional world.

The defining feature of 4D Miner is that the player can rotate their 3D slice of the world by scrolling with the mouse wheel. This means that in theory, the entirety of the game's 4-dimensional world can be explored. you cannot break\place blocks or attack enemies in the demo of the game.

As the player rotates through the 4th dimension, different features of the surrounding landscape will appear, and the blocks will seem to change their shape. In reality, the game's 4D blocks never change their shape, but different slices of the 4D world can contain unique cross sections of 4D blocks.

4D Miner's tutorial features an interactive demo where a 2-dimensional being, Frank, exists in a 2D slice of the surrounding 3D world.

The player can scroll with the mouse wheel to rotate Frank's 2D slice of the world, which is analogous to the way the player rotates their 3D slice of the world in the main game mode.

The main objective of the game is to acquire items that assist the player in navigating the surrounding 4D world. The compass, for instance, shows the player their in-game 4D coordinates (X, Y, Z, W) and has a visual representation of the player's orientation in 4D space. The 4D glasses allow the player to see items that exist outside of their 3D slice of the world, which assists in locating enemies, item drops, and chests.

Most items are obtained through the game's crafting system, including a selection of tools that allow the player to collect different kinds of resources, aswell as 4D glasses and compass.

Many of the core game mechanics, such as crafting, are outlined in the getting started tutorial.